Backhoe LLC    


To whom it may concern,

I received my Fed. EIN-20-4306115 on Feb. 14, 2005. My accountant and I submitted an Operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company on March 7 2006. I also delivered a down payment to Universal Tractors in Lakewood Co. on March 7 2006 towards the purchase of a new B 95 New Holland Backhoe which I took possession of in April 2006.

I started doing business as Budhoe's Backhoe LLC in the first days of April, 2006. Although I still work construction, both commercial and residential, i have been specializing in restoration work for non-profits like Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and The Jamescreek Watershed Coalition. Also I work for the National Forest Service, ( both Clear Creek and Boulder Districts) and the State Forest Service. Through the non-profits I have worked for both Clear Creek and Boulder County Open Spaces and directly for Boulder County Parks and Open Space. I have worked on wetlands projects with the renowned expert, Thomas R. Biebighauser of the National Forest Service, who wrote the book "Wetlands Drainage, Restoration, and Repair". I have worked building trout structure with Bill Janowsky (fisheries biologist w/forest service), Paul Winkle (fisheries DOW), and Brent Scarbrough, P.E. with Frontier Environmental Services.

On the construction side of the business, I've developed a working relationship with the drillers and blasters, and become proficient at installing septic systems. That and the 28 years of experience in the trade, give me a working advantage over most other operators of heavy equipment.

I will remain a "sole proprietor" but I am quite capable of hiring and directing sub- contractors to do bigger jobs.

I carry general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. I am capable of bonding a job. I am dependable, reliable, honest, and sensitive to others. I work in a safe and proficient manner.

The B 95 New Holland Backhoe with an extra bucket and an extended warranty list for a cash price of 73,624.00 dollars.

You have asked for a more detailed account of my experience.

I started operating Heavy equipment in 1980 at Timberline Inc. in Kodiak Ak. I have run heavy equipment, full time, ever since that time. I have well over 30,000 hours of operating time on a Ford/ New Holland Backhoe specifically. I have over 1,000 hours of operating time on both loaders and excavators. I possess a Colorado class A driver's license and have 28 years of experience driving dump trucks and hauling Heavy equipment in the Denver metro area. This I have done this without a single insurance claim.

1989-2006 Mile-Hi Backhoe Services.

Owner: Dennis O'Hearn. I worked running backhoes and driving trucks. This included trenching and backfilling for utilities ,foundations,slabs on grade and other site work. I also did restoration work on National Forest Service lands and Boulder County Open Space lands for the Forest Service and the County and Wildlands Restorations. Some of the more impressive job sites have been: Budwieser at Ft. Collins. Rocky Flats,C.U. Boulder campus,C.S.U. Ft. Collins campus,Boulder Community Hospital, Swedish Hospital, all the hospitals at the old Fittsimmons army hospital sites, Denver International Airport, St. Lukes Hospital, Denver Water Treatment, Berthod Water Treatment, Buckley Air National Guard, NOAH in Boulder, and lots of High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools all along the front range from Ft. Collins to Castle Rock. This is listing only a few.

The safety training I,ve received on all these jobs would amount to several hundred hours. I have Competent Person Training, 40 hour Haz/Mat Training and Trench Shoring Training.

1988-1989 Twin Peaks Excavating.

Supervisor: Ed Sharp This work was more specific to pipe line installation. My primary job was operating a backhoe.

1987-1988 Markel Homes Inc.

Supervisor: Steve Winter This work was more specific to building custom homes. My primary job was operating a backhoe.

1983-1987 Boulder Valley Backhoe Services.

Owner: Dennis O'Hearn Much the same work that I would do for Dennis later, working for Mile-Hi Backhoe. We worked at IBM and Helped build the Boulder County jail and the Daily Camara addition to name a few.

1982-1983 Boulder Excavating.

Supervisor: Steve Haskins This is where I learned to operate heavy equipment and drive commercially. I operated a backhoe for the last 6 months I was employed there. I hope this helps.

This is all true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.